thanks everybody for your comments

09/16/2011 00:01

Dropping in to say hello.

I think it's interesting that you're from Columbia and I don't think in all my travels I've met a Columbian blogger before.

I hope you have an interesting time blogging and meet some interesting people. And that you learn a lot too!

09/19/2011 15:06

hi maria camila a. i think your blog is amazing bye see you i am from australia

isa o
09/20/2011 15:20

hi camiii
your voki is so cool!!! and i love your music continue with it because i love your blog

09/22/2011 18:15

hi maria camila A i think your blog is awsome and i love your "Gordis" but i don't know what is it bye continue like that

09/26/2011 17:30

hi maria camila a i think your blog is super cool i think is interesting and fun i love the game and i play it with my parents and we learn very much


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