HI Visitors:
Today i am going to give you 10 options for increase the number of visitors in your blog
1)Say to your friends the adress of your blog
2)If you have msn or facebook put it in your wall that they visit your blog
3)When you travel make friends and ask them to visit your blog
4)Say to your family
5)Go to other blogs and leave comments
6)Say to friends that recomend your blog
7)Go to the best blogs and comment
8)Put many videos for putting it interesting
9)Comments to mss w ans someone can visit you
10)Be aware from the challenges

Dad's: My granny is very strange he don't know how to sew but she know how to cook delicious things
Mum's: My granny is very sweet and is in shape so she love to walk in the mornings and too loves to do creative things in manualities

As all mum's mine is very especial because she is always with me, she love to travel and to know and learn from new cultures

He love going to the gim and do some exercise for staying in shape, he too love hang out with some friends and too with the family.But mostly the thing he like more to do is BOTHER ME!!


This is not my sheep
In art for creativity i draw a sheep it didn't seem so beautifull but art is art. I learn other things like how to draw a frog and more in http://www.howtodrawit.com/


this isn't my comic
In make beliefs i make a comic showing what people don't like to do to them is very funny

Music and Audio

i love piano
I play digital PIANO it was very cool you can make your own songs there are 3 stages of fun


In Science i enter to TOYMAKER  and i make a hot air baloon it was so fun but it was a little bit dificult try it!!


In animation i enter to GOANIMATE.COM and i have much fun is very cool  is better to ubdate the new version for having more fun !!


I played MY POP STUDIO is very fun but mostly for girls, the best game was Tv producer but is too cool magazine editor!!
MY class for special action did a bake sale for japan. The porpose is that each student bring on the assigned day something to sell, and other students buy tickets and buy our food
I think hunger is a very important global issue because  when you sometimes don't like your food and you throw it all to the trash you don't reflect that there are more than 900 million people that are suffering because they don't have anything to eat.
There are about 6.7 billion people in the world and 925 million of them don’t have enough to eat.
Yellow is my favorite color because i think is happy and the color mean friendship.
One day i was in my house on halloween i go throught all the neighborhood asking for delicious sweets i stay like 2 or 3 hours asking for sweets, the last house was the house next door, it was very creepy so i didn't want to go inside my best friend told me that there they give many sweets so my best friend and i go to the door. When we knock the door it opens alone it was very creepy but my best F. and i get inside................
I would like to learn to paraglide because i think it will be a very fun adventure and i can practice in Rio De Janeiro that have a beautifull landscape, i can take some courses to learn first and then i can make it!!!