Dad's: My granny is very strange he don't know how to sew but she know how to cook delicious things
Mum's: My granny is very sweet and is in shape so she love to walk in the mornings and too loves to do creative things in manualities

As all mum's mine is very especial because she is always with me, she love to travel and to know and learn from new cultures

He love going to the gim and do some exercise for staying in shape, he too love hang out with some friends and too with the family.But mostly the thing he like more to do is BOTHER ME!!
Mrs Black
11/26/2011 01:49:49 am

Hi Maria Camila!
I like your story. I am sure you are a happy family.
I hope you will continue blogging.
All the best! :)

Mrs. Gentrup
1/20/2012 01:15:45 am

Brothers can be a bother but they are also nice to have . I have 4 younger brothers and no sisters so I have been bothered all my life :)
Enjoyed reading your blog


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