HI Visitors:
Today i am going to give you 10 options for increase the number of visitors in your blog
1)Say to your friends the adress of your blog
2)If you have msn or facebook put it in your wall that they visit your blog
3)When you travel make friends and ask them to visit your blog
4)Say to your family
5)Go to other blogs and leave comments
6)Say to friends that recomend your blog
7)Go to the best blogs and comment
8)Put many videos for putting it interesting
9)Comments to mss w ans someone can visit you
10)Be aware from the challenges

11/30/2011 05:41:50 pm

Hi Maria, you visited my blog before,I really like how you thought of 10 ways you can increase people going to your blogs, you did number 5, visiting other blogs and comment, thankyou for posting in my blog! Hope that you post a comment in my blog again.


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